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DML Consulting is a flexible and friendly business consultancy which specialises in providing high quality business advice, consultancy and training services across the South Devon area

We pride ourselves on providing practical, friendly and jargon-free business help, advice and training for businesses in Plymouth, Exeter and South Devon.

We realise the importance to small businesses and business startups of providing cost effective help and advice and therefore can tailor our services to suit your budget.

We provide a range of business consultancy and business support services including:

  • Business Startup Advice & Help Simple and practical advice on all aspects of running your own business from your initial idea through to establishing a profitable business. More >
  • Business Consultancy Practical, jargon-free business help and advice for new startups and established businesses seeking to expand turnover. More >
  • chart Training Workshops to help small business owners as well as bespoke courses for specific business areas. More >
  • Web Design & SEO Advice Developing high-quality, engaging websites that ensure that your unique sales messages reach as wide an audience as possible. More >
  • Online marketing Helping you to use social media and email marketing to cost-effectively promote your business and its services. More >
  • Marketing Copywriting Writing clear and concise marketing content to ensure your sales messages are communicated effectively. More >

Business Advice for Startups & Small Businesses

We provide simple and practical help & advice on all aspects of running your own business from your initial idea through to establishing a profitable business. We can help you to:
Develop a business plan to ensure your proposition is viable Determine your key sales messages and differentiators compared to your competitors. Decide on a business name which focusses on your target market Establish the appropriate business structure (sole trader, limited company etc) Set-up bank accounts Set up cost effective telephone connections Decide on the best ways of promoting your business Establish a successful online presence Determine the most appropriate distribution channels for your product/service. Use technology to keep operating costs down Obtain business finance and accountancy support Franchise your idea.

Once your business is successful, we can even advise on selling your business when you want to move onto something different.


Business Consultancy

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for new business startup help or an established business looking to expand your turnover, we can help you with our practical, jargon-free advice services. We provide a wide range of business consultancy and advice services including:
Business Startup Advice Business Healthchecks Business Plan Development Business Strategy Advice Copy Writing (for marketing & sales literature and web content) Sales & Marketing Advice Online Marketing Selling your Business.


We offer a range of high quality events, workshops and training courses locally delivered in South Devon to help you gain the knowledge to improve your business. For more details, please see our Training Courses page.  

Website Design & SEO Advice

We can assist you to improve or re-design your website to make it visually engaging, responsive on mobile devices and optimised to ensure that it appears rankly highly on leading search engines, such as Google, driving more traffic to your website. For more details, please see our Website Design page.  

Online Marketing

Online marketing is one of the most cost-effective mechanisms of promoting your business and its services. We can help you make the most of this promotional medium by providing advice on how to set up email marketing campaigns to communicate with potential customers as well as how to use social media (Facebook, Twitter), blogs etc to promote your business.  

Marketing Copywriting

Writing clear and concise marketing communication is vital to the success of any business. If you don’t have this expertise in-house, please contact us and we will be happy to assist with this. We will start by finding out the style that you require, your target audience and what you feel makes your business different to your competitors (what they call ‘Unique Selling Points’ in business jargon). Be it website content, brochures, advertisement text, press releases, Facebook content, email campaigns or newsletters, we can help put together credible and effective copy which will be persuasive, interesting to read and will generate real results. Where websites are concerned, the copy writing exercise is not just about the reader, but is also about Google and the search engines. The content therefore needs to be optimised to include the search terms which most people search via to ensure your website achieves the desired "Page 1 Google" ranking. We are highly experienced at doing this to ensure that our clients gain maximum exposure on Google without the cost of Google AdWords.  
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DML Consulting Launches New Mobile Enabled Website


Following Google’s search algorithm change to rank websites which are mobile-enabled more highly, DML Consulting has now re-branded and launched a mobile-enabled version of its website. With more people now browsing the internet using smartphones and tablet computers, it is vital for businesses to ensure that their websites perform well on all device platforms. For more advice on updating and mobile-enabling your website, please contact us.

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